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Statistics don't lie. It's the people who make up the statistics that lie.

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Buck George is an average, ordinary, middle-aged, overweight computer programmer by day, and an average, ordinary, middle-aged, overweight husband and father by night.

After graduating high school in 1995, Buck attended some form of higher education four times, finally earning a degree in computer science in 2009, after having previously studied music, photography, and graphic design. Buck now makes his living as a computer programmer which, let's face it, rarely involves actual computer science.

Buck is best known for absolutely nothing at all, but amongst his friends and family he is considered to be an "okay guy." He commutes sixty miles per day (round trip) to his programming job in Greensboro.

Mr. George currently lives with his wife and three four children in rural North Carolina, which should be of absolutely no interest to anyone at all.

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